Using robots to teach computational thinking (workshop)

On 10 Aug., 2018, I facilitated a workshop on using robots to teach computational thinking.  As a reminder, computational thinking is a problem solving process where we use technology to automate solutions.  There are varied definitions of the process, but 5 key components common to most definitions are:

  1. Decomposition (breaking down the problem)
  2. Pattern finding
  3. Creating algorithms (models and generalizations)
  4. Automating the process (programming)
  5. Analyzing results (debugging, improving efficiency).

There are myriad resources to teach both robotics and computational thinking.  Here are a few mentioned in the course:

  • microbits: inexpensive micro-processor that can be used to teach computational thinking.  There’s even a simulator for the device if you don’t have physical access.  You can code it at:
  • Dash robots by wonder workshop (see  These are a series of all-in-one robots that have a few motors and sensors that enable kids to use these for several simple tasks.



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  • Thank you Peter! It was an engaging presentation and definitely the most fun of all the PD courses that I took. I appreciate having the notes to reflect on.

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