AECT 2017

At the annual meeting for the Association for Educational Communication and Technology this year, I presented a workshop on preparing preservice teachers to teach coding, research on teachers’ beliefs about and self-efficacy for engineering and computing, and the 7Cs of a 21st-century education.  You can find the printouts for each of those presentations here:

  1. Computational Thinking Workshop: (these are kind of sparse b/c we mostly did hands-on activities)
  2. Elementary Education Teachers’ Beliefs about and Self-efficacy for Teaching Engineering and Computing.
  3. The  7Cs of a 21st-century education.


I’d love to talk to you if you’re interested in this topic.  Feel free to contact me if you’ve got questions or would like to collaborate.


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  • I just want to give kudos to your presentation at AECT today! Thank you for sharing your insights! It’s nice meeting you.

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