Coding in K-8 International Survey Initial Results

Our team at BYU has now compiled many of the results from the international survey on coding practices in K-8.  If you are interested in analyzing these data for yourself, you can download the full, de-identified dataset here.  Thanks to Sam Browning, Timothy Shoop, McKay Perkins, Emily Yoshikawa, and Olga Belikov for their work in helping analyze and put these together.  In future posts, we’ll discuss each of these separately, but for those who are interested, here is a list of interactive simulations to many of the questions we asked on this survey:

  1. Summary demographics of teaching coding in K-8
  2. What computing language do you use to teach kids to code?
  3. In general, how long (in minutes) are the length of your lessons on computing/coding?
  4. How often do you teach computing/coding?
  5. Why did you start teaching computing/coding?
  6. How much computing/coding experience did you have prior to teaching it in the classroom?
  7. (If you answered that you teach computing as an integrated course), What other subjects do you integrate computing/coding with?
  8. How has coding been received by: Students, Parents, Colleagues, Supervisors?
  9. How confident are you in your ability to: 
    1. code your own programs/applications?
    2. debug student-generated code?
    3. help students to find resources to learn computing/coding?
    4. integrate computing/coding with other subjects?
    5. teach students computing/coding?
    6. understand how to read others’ code?
  10. When you encounter questions or problems that you don’t immediately know how to resolve in computing/coding, how do you go about solving the problem?
  11. What have your challenges been?
  12. (In Process) What have your successes been?
  13. (In Process) Prior to teaching computing/coding, what were your apprehensions about teaching it in K-8?
  14. What changes, if any, have you noted in your students since you began teaching computing/coding?
  15. (In Process) What products and applications have students created as a result of learning to code in your classroom?
  16. (In Process) Please explain your reasoning for why you believe students ought to learn to computing/coding?
  17. (In Process) What advice would you give others who are going to teach computing/coding?

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